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Why Your Engine Won’t Start up in Cold Weather

Many people like travelling across Canada due to its fantastic landscapes. Still, most Canadian areas are regions with severe or even extreme winter conditions. This period of time turns into a serious test for all without exception, including motorists, for most of whom the failure to start an engine becomes a real headache. The most unpleasant thing is that even the owners of new cars are not immune to this. What are the reasons for your car engine not starting up in the winter?

As you probably know, cold weather has a serious negative impact on any car regardless of whether it is a sports car like ford mustang or a regular sedan such as ford focus. A vehicle is a complex technical device and a well-coordinated operation of many systems is required to start it up.

1. Problems with the battery

If your car does not start in the cold, the most likely cause for this is in the battery (in 80% of cases, the failure to start the engine in cold weather is connected with the battery). Interestingly, even the owners of new cars may face such a problem. The fact is that even in a new car, the battery can be discharged, as a result of which the battery will not have enough energy to turn the starter and thus bring to life the power unit.
Signs of a discharged battery: If you hear the wailing sounds when turning the key in the ignition, but the starter does not turn, the battery charge is likely to be low.

2. Problems with the generator

The alternating current generator is an electric generator that charges a car’s battery while the engine is running. If you have a relatively new battery installed in your vehicle, but it keeps losing its charge (even in the absence of frost), then the generator may be the likely cause for your engine not starting.
Signs of a generator malfunction: The engine stalling after it has just started up; the flicker of automobile headlights; the flicker of the instrument panel or dim lights on the dashboard. In this case it is better to choose another car for long trips, because you don’t want to stick in the middle of nowhere with a car that won’t start. When you decide looking for a new SUV, you can compare prices for toyota rav4 here and choose a reliable car for travelling.

3. Problems with the starter

Another common cause for an engine-start failure is the malfunction of the starter, which uses electricity from its battery to operate. It is the starter that starts the engine of a car. Many modern cars are equipped with the stop-start system. Typically, in these cars, there are high-power starters installed that have extended service life in order to cope with a constant cycle of engine starts /stops. Nevertheless, even the most reliable starters may fail with time. We should also mention that the service life of starters in cars equipped with a stop-start system is on average slightly lower compared to regular cars.
Signs of a starter malfunction: The most obvious sign is that you can hear some clicks when turning the ignition key with the engine failing to start.